Vielight RX Plus PBM device COVID-19 study

“Where there is purpose, there is hope.” – George Washington Carver

“Vielight RX Plus” PBM device is a possible treatment for COVID-19. We are hypothesizing that the RX Plus would help to shorten the disease duration, while improving the immune system‘s response. – Dr. Lew Lim

There are precedents in history when people had to fight an invisible enemy. However, for the first time such an invisible enemy, Covid-19, has caused the world of seven billion people to be gripped in fear, pain and hope, all at once. Driven by a common goal of stopping the pandemic, major and small pharmaceutical companies, and private and government-sponsored laboratories around the world are intensely searching for a cure.

Despite the extreme scientific spotlight on COVID-19, there are no registered clinical trials involving a therapeutic medical device yet. In this regard, we are proud to announce that Vielight is now moving ahead to investigate our “Vielight RX Plus” PBM device as a possible treatment for COVID-19. This investigation is designed as a randomized controlled study.

This announcement follows last month’s white paper co-authored by Vielight’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Lew Lim. The white paper presented scientifically–based arguments and proposed that the Vielight X-Plus could be a viable option for treating the COVID-19 disease.

“With so much uncertainty and fear in the world today, and with the disease continuing to ravage human lives, our entire team wants to take action in helping to defeat this pandemic. Some of our team members and family members had experienced this sickness. Because it is so infectious, there is a good chance that it will catch up to more of us before too long,” remarked Dr. Lew Lim.

“We needed to know whether we have a therapy to protect ourselves against this disease and to prevent disability or death. Fortunately, Vielight has already developed a device that not only stimulates specific parts of the brain, but also has the capability to stimulate the thymus gland. Why the thymus gland, you may ask. The thymus gland is the site where protective white blood cells (the T-cells) mature and then go on to fight the viruses.

The device is the existing Vielight X Plus. It will be modified into a proposed medical device for treating COVID-19 under the name “Vielight RX Plus”. Until the prospective clinical trial is complete, we hold our breath to see whether clinical evidence supports it as an effective therapy against this deadly virus.


Pulse Oximeter Monitoring

Creative Study Design
Dr. Nazanin Hosseinkhah, Vielight’s Research Scientist who is managing this research initiative, commented on the trial. “It has been an intense effort by the whole research team over the last 2 months to put together a well-designed study.

The challenge has been the novelty of our approach to deal with the highly transmissive nature of the disease in our research. We had to design a virtual study to mitigate these challenges. We are awaiting the green light from Health Canada and the independent review board (IRB) to proceed with the study.

The study will test a total of 280 subjects. These subjects will be randomized into a standard of care (SOC) group and a SOC plus treatment group. We will be monitoring the groups and measuring how well the RX Plus can help a person with COVID-19 to recover. We are hypothesizing that the RX Plus would help to shorten the disease duration, while improving the immune system’s response.”

Dr. Lim adds, “Once we obtain consent from the regulatory bodies to move forward, we will inform the public on how they can participate in the study. For logistical reasons, our clinical trial will be confined to the province of Ontario, Canada.”

Dr. Lew Lim is Granted the US Patent for the Neuro
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent to Dr. Lew Lim, Founder & CEO of Vielight Inc, for the invention of the Vielight Neuro (that also covers all Vielight models). The patent is titled, “METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR NON-INVASIVE NEUROSTIMULATION THERAPY OF THE BRAIN”. Its number is: US 10,632,325 B2, and the priority date of November 23, 2015. Vielight has full rights to use this technology. The worldwide patent, covering several other countries, is pending.

X-Plus strengthens the immune system which can be a strong deterrent to coronavirus (nCoV) infection. – Ricardo B Serrano

There are better safer therapies than vaccines to treat COVID-19.
Ricardo B Serrano

See Vielight X Plus for COVID-19 Study and Vielight RX Plus PBM device COVID-19 Study


Multiple mechanisms for PBM in brain

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Light energy is Qi. Light therapy is a form of Qi-healing.
The amyloid plaques in the neurons of Alzheimer’s brain are removed by photobiomodulation. The Default Mode Network disruptions in the areas of the brain are also targeted and normalized. Photobiomodulation by Vielight Neuro Gamma is a non-drug effective approach that not only works for Alzheimer’s but also works for: anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain injury, CTE, PTSD, stroke, autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, psychosis, addictions, attain higher meditative states and athletic performance.
– Photobiomodulation, page 103, The Cure & Cause of Cancer


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