Oneness with Shiva

The important questions: “Who am I? Why was I born? What is the goal of my life? What am I supposed to accomplish here?” are hopefully answered in this supplementary book to the “Return to Oneness with Shiva” with the help of my Siddha Guru Baba Muktananda‘s excerpts from his books and my Sadguru Nityananda’s grace which are based from the Self-realization teachings of Kashmir Shaivism. Who and what you meditate on, you become. When you meditate on the Self as the Self, you become one with Shiva, the Self of all. “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form,” states the Heart Sutra. The essence of all things is emptiness.

To become aware of So’ham, “I am That,” is to attain oneness with the Higher Self.

The result of the integration of the Siddha Guru and the awakened Kundalini is a meditation that is very powerful.

The subtle path to the Self is most easily attained through the Guru. Kabir said that the Guru makes one perfect; he unites the individual soul with Shiva. To feel the love of one’s soul is the goal of yoga, according to the Bhagavad Gita.

Unconditional love is the fulcrum of this universe, the original point of the universe. In the practice of Meditation on Three Hearts and Hanuman Qigong, efforts must be made to integrate the mind and heart, to feel the interaction between Love and Qi, restoring the experience of harmony in the world, in nature, and the Universe that may be understood as “being with higher Self” symbolized by Swastika or Yuan Shen (Original Spirit).

Grounding and rooting to mother earth through the practice of Enlightenment Qigong forms especially Hanuman Qigong, Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong, and Drawing in Heaven and Earth via Wei Qi field activation are added to Siddha spiritual practices to balance the Shakti Qi flow in the body to be happy, build the Lightbody, psychic self-defense, samadhi and avoid post-kundalini syndromes often seen in yoga practitioners.

“The supreme state, which may be attained on some paths after extreme hardship, can be attained without great difficulty on the Siddha path.” – Yogashikha Upanishad 1.3

“God consciousness is the reality of everything.” – Shiva Sutra 1.1

“The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs (cannabis), mantra, austerities or concentration. Cannabis use allows for a quieting of the outside world, and the ability to focus more totally on the interior process of meditation.” – Patanjali Yoga Sutras 4.1

“The essence of all the prophets of God is one and the same.” – Baha’ullah

Guru is indispensable for the practice of Shakti yoga sadhana. He initiates the aspirant and transmits the divine shakti. – Shakti Yoga, page 36, Oneness with Shiva

“The healing compassion of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is palpable by regularly chanting her small and great compassion mantras.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano


According to David Twicken, OMD, author of The Eight Extraordinary Channels – Qi Jing Ba Mai: A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Nei Dan Inner Meditation, “The eight extraordinary channels are one of the most fascinating aspects of the acupuncture channel system. These channels are the bridge between prenatal and postnatal influences in our life. The eight extraordinary channel’s terrain is Jing, essence, and source Qi. These channels influence the yuan, or deep layers of our body, mind and spirit.

Yuan Shen (Original Spirit)

The jewel or pinnacle of Chinese medicine is that it enables us to work on the whole being, that includes body, mind and, spirit. One of the principal ways of achieving this is through the eight extraordinary channels, which are also called, the eight Psychic channels. These multi-dimensional channels can treat deep, chronic and old patterns that influences the three treasures of our life: the physical, emotional, and spiritual. These channels comprise the three dantiens and are the inner circuit system of communication between Jing and Shen (Zhi and Shen). The eight Psychic channels can release one from emotional and spiritual imbalances and realign one to their yuan shen – their original spirit. This experience can inspire and motivate a person to exert their will to live the type of life they desire, and they can apply their Zhi and passion to live from their spirit.”

“To really understand the Eight Extraordinary Channels, one needs to cultivate them with Nei Dan (inner meditation/inner cultivation).” – Master Li Shi-Zhen

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