"Qi provides a link between body, soul, and spirit" - Master Mantak Chia

Yoga Master's Golden Aura with Merkabah (Light Body) Activated

If Heaven Energy is related to your spirit body and Earth Energy is related to your physical body, then Man or Cosmic Qi, Higher Self is in turn related to your "soul body" or "energy body." - Master Mantak Chia

The Immortal Body and Its Soul Powers
by Ricardo B. Serrano

The immortal body (also called "energy body" or "golden light body") I'm referring to is the ultimate goal of Taoist internal alchemy practices, Shakti Yoga, the ancient Mayan science/religion, and the Melchizedek method which will be your actualized crystalized replica after the so called "death" of the physical body. The following statements will try to answer "How do I manifest an immortal body and its soul powers?" which is both relevant to any aspiring practitioner of yoga and energy healing, and layman because the successful outcome of energy healing depends upon the "energy body" of the healer and "energy body" of the client. Whole body enlightenment is also dependent on the development of your immortal energy body. I hope that my little contribution in this article will assist you as its mentioned technologies have absolutely assisted me in my fruitful real life journey to the Tao, Natural Way, by realizing and actualizing my immortal Self.

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Tao, Qi and Your Energy Body

QiTao is a way of life, based on the natural spiritual science of Qi flow. Cultivating Qi flow spontaneously unfolds one's original spiritual essence. It empowers us to shape our worldly destiny. Is your energy body ready to flow to the incoming solar 5th element Sun fully manifesting in 2012? Did you even know that you have an energy body?

Your energy body occupies the same space as your solid physical body, but with a distinctly different structure. Your energy or Qi body has an invisible network of vital organ meridians and deeper core channels. Your Qi flows through these channels and your innate intelligence (your inner voice) shapes this Qi into a physical body, into your feelings, your sexual impulses, your thoughts, your highest intuitions, your everything. Qi is the intelligence that controls your genetic code unfoldment. Maybe that is why so many thousands of people get miraculous healings from Qigong, even after doctors have written them off as dead or sentenced them to life with an incurable illness! Eventually, this Qi technology will become standard information in the medicine, psychology, and religion of the new millenium. Why wait for the medical establishment to catch up with snail paced speed?

Whole Body Enlightenment and Energy Healing Process

Since the 1980s, I have started pursuing the truth through the original Taoist Traditional Chinese medical philosophy, as an acupuncturist, in regards to the concept of Qi, the bio-electromagnetic energy which underlies matter for healing and spiritual development. In my quest for the underlying process of natural healing together with spiritual enlightenment, I have studied with enlightened Masters -- Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Li Jun Feng (Sheng Zhen), Master Miguel Nator, Master Mantak Chia, Master Michael Winn, Master Ou Wen Wei, Sun Yogi Hira Ratan Manek and Alton Kamadon of the Order of Melchizedek -- whom I am forever grateful and acknowledged for their definite contribution to my whole body enlightenment. During the course of my studies with each of their technologies, I have used my body as the laboratory to integrate and test their theories and hands on application before I taught and applied their human energy sciences of the 21st century to my acupuncture clients in my practice. See HRM Sun Yoga & Its Healing Aspects, Bond of Power and A Path to Freedom

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Kan & Li symbolThe whole body enlightenment process which happens at the same time during the creation of your "golden light body" is mapped out for us by the ancient Taoist masters through the present day Taoist Master, Mantak Chia of the Universal Tao, and one of his senior instructors, Michael Winn of the Healing Tao. The Taoist Yoga masters Mantak Chia and Michael Winn have taught me the following powerful Taoist internal alchemy technologies: Microcosmic orbit, inner smile, healing sounds, sexual alchemy, opening of the eight extraordinary channels (governor, functional, thrusting, yin bridge and regulator, yang bridge and regulator, and belt channels), iron shirt, fusion of the five elements, and cosmic qigong. Their greatest contribution to my spiritual growth is laying the foundation for the actualization of my immortal body which can withstand the high voltage of love and energy from the God Source making it safe for my grounded physical body to practice advanced meditation techniques. See Qigong and Taoist Internal Alchemy

According to Michael Winn, "The Daoist concept of immortality does not mean you live physically forever. Immortality means you achieve spiritual integration of your authentic self (zhenren).

Your authentic Self is immortal because it has the power to survive the transition of physical death and continues its life in higher dimensions. This process requires integrating the physical body’s sexual essence (jing), the energy body (qi), and the spirit body (shen) into a functional state of total openness (wu) to the multi-dimensionality of the present moment. The spiritual power of manifestation hidden within the sexual essence is most critical to cultivating what is known as a “golden light body” or the authentic immortal Self. Without the sexual essence being properly cultivated, the crystallization of one’s spirit does not occur.

Cultivating this high level of harmony and balance requires a progressive training of the body’s sexual essence (jing), the mind (qi), and the spirit (shen) within a state of total openness (wu). The purpose of the training is to accelerate transformations that might take Nature many lifetimes to accomplish. Inner Alchemy is a precise step-by-step process, and each step builds on the next. Using One Cloud’s structure, I have added my own refinements based on study with many masters and decades of practice and teaching.

I found the Daoist Water and Fire alchemy practices to be more body-centered, and thus more grounded and appropriate for Westerners at this time. They emphasize the “below” realizing the “above” is hidden within itself. One Cloud’s Daoist Water and Fire approach translates into the liberation of the spirit hidden within matter-body, and the rebirthing of deep earth consciousness. It is the feminine discovering that yang fire is its true inner nature. I am sharing them because I feel they penetrate and resolve the problem of the BODY which plagues so many meditators seeking perfect union with Spirit.

I myself once had this problem, of wanting to get out of my body so that my meditations would be more perfect. It was a rude awakening for me to realize my desire was not for transcendence, it was at core escapist. What was I escaping? The difficulty of staying here, of living in a body. I was escaping my failure to recognize and accept the spiritual nature of the physical body. I falsely believed if I opened my third eye and went out my crown, that my spiritual journey was complete. My kundalini was wide open, but I was only using it to go one way, instead of seeing its circular-cyclical nature.

I was denying how essential the body is to full enlightenment. I now make a distinction between those achieving “head enlightenment” and those achieving “whole body enlightenment”. They are very different experiences. All meditation methods are wonderful gifts. Alchemy is a special kind of meditative gift that is dynamic, accepts the sexual nature of the body, and seeks to refine the entire body into an elevated spiritual state."

The Arhat Masters Choa Kok Sui and Miguel Nator from my native country, the Philippines, have taught me the following: Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Shakti yoga, Meditation on Three Hearts, Triangles Work, Pranic crystal healing, and Winged Unicorn meditation for clairvoyance. Their greatest contribution is the use of color and prana for cosmic healing or Qigong together with spiritual enlightenment through Arhatic Yoga and Yoga of Immortality which also laid the foundation for the development of the "golden immortal light body". See A Path, Way, Stargate, All-Seeing Eye

Pranic HealingAccording to Master Choa Kok Sui, "Very advanced pranic healers may have an inner aura of more than fifty meters and the energy body is extremely refined.

If the healer has a very refined energy body, then more pranic energy can be projected to the patient without causing pranic congestion. For example, a very advanced pranic healer can increase the inner aura of the patient from 3 inches to about 3 feet without causing discomfort or pranic congestion on the patient. A very advanced pranic healer can project a tremendous amount of refined pranic energy which are assimilable within a very short period of time, resulting in rapid healing of patients.

Invisible Energy BodiesStudents of pranic healing can become more powerful, effective healers by regularly practicing Arhatic Meditation. Arhatic Meditation causes chakras to become bigger and to move a lot faster. It causes the energy body and the auras of the practitioner to become bigger, denser, and more refined. Thereby, it enables the practitioner to heal very fast and more effectively.

There are several spiritual or yogic systems of activating the chakras and awakening the kundalini. Arhatic Meditation is one of the systems that systematically, safely and rapidly activates the chakras and awakens the kundalini."

Alton Kamadon has taught me the Melchizedek Method which uses the Hologram of Love merkabah, the Zenith light body, path of vision for multi-dimensional healing and ascension. His greatest contribution is the use of the Orionis Zenith Lightbody Merkabah, path of vision, the metatronic waveform pattern and yantras with the 33 chakra system for ascension and healing. See Activating the Unity Hologram of Love Merkabah

Hologram of LoveAccording to my late beloved Ascended Master Alton Kamadon, "These sacred symbols and patterns, embedded into very powerful super powerball love spheres, will have the effect of quickening our receptive brain cells to receive the highest levels of thought forms available to us through our superconsciousness Metatronic waveform pineal gland, and electromagnetic antennae connected to Orionis.

We already activate the most powerful merkabah on Earth. Now we must expand heart and consciousness to accommodate the incoming 5th dimension love and divine thoughts, to manifest our “Zenith Light Body”.

The technique used to encode ourselves with these new sacred super powerballs is called “One Path of Vision”. Through this technique we will merge the inner eye with our 3D eyes, and at the same time connect the heart to the soul.

“One Path of Vision” will not only allow us to accellerate our personal ascension, but collectively we will release these powerful 5th dimensional encoded sacred super powerballs of love into the planetary 555 human Cosmic Christ Consciousness electromagnetic thought grid to serve the continuous advancement of humanity.

The Mayan elders have talked recently about the incoming solar 5th element Sun fully manifesting in 2012. They are adamant that it will manifest and our new world will be of love and light.

The continuous Level 5 Melchizedek Method presentations will open human consciousness to evolve and accellerate towards this divine moment in our history.

Level 5 will be a very visual presentation of 3D animations on screen, allowing these new sacred powerballs to be drawn in through the eyes. Our eyes will then connect through God’s Eye and into the Creator Lord’s Elohim Eye. We will manifest our “Zenith Light Body” of superconsciousness through the love of our soul.

Level 5 is by far the most expansive quantum leap in this spiritual work to date. Because of the visual nature of Level 5 we will be drawn much more deeply into the complexities of the Orionis 5th dimensional consciousness and unconditional love.

For those people who have completed Levels 1 to 4, you now have a grasp on the ascension process, and you will find that Level 5 is a natural expansion of this experience. Level 5 is approached by Spirit in the respect that they will regard you as already having ascended and living in your mastery. The teachings will create a portal into the 5th dimensional Orionis universe that you can hold open in your consciousness. The visual nature of Level 5 creates a powerful opportunity to reside within Orionis consciousness continually as we complete our physical journey. It is so exciting to be exploring something completely new and profound."


Lower Dan TienIMPORTANT NOTE: I believe that the one important necessary technology for "whole body enlightenment" that is missing in the Melchizedek method is the lack of laying the foundation for the development of the "energy body" or "Qi body" based on the Lower Dan Tien (the mother of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels) -- the "electromagnetic body" according to the Melchizedek method -- which the Taoist and Arhatic Yoga laid the foundation for the development of the "golden immortal light body" with internal alchemy practices such as sexual alchemy, inner smile/healing sounds and microcosmic orbit meditation -- also known as "opening the golden flower" and "embryo or womb breathing" -- with fusion of the five elements Qigong. I strongly and personally believe that the Merkaba meditation, holographic sound healing, Sun gazing and Qigong are the higher levels of Meditation and Qigong Mastery -- integrated as gifts from Master Thoth, Master Mei Ling, Pan Gu and the lineage of the Eight Taoist Immortals -- considering the fact that many Buddhists, Christians, and Sufis study Tao because it helps ground spirit into the body. What made me say these bold innovative statements? I have decided to fulfill the integration of these four powerful technologies because it is my chosen mission with the Masters of Light, and the integrated program works in practice. So be it!

Finally, over the span of ten years of meditation, cosmic medical Qigong and hands-on application in my acupuncture practice, I believe that I have manifested my immortal body and its soul powers especially for whole body enlightenment, healing and ascension through the application and integration of the Taoist internal alchemy, Qigong, pranic healing, sun gazing, holographic sound healing, and the Merkaba meditation. This integration resulted in my Vancouver Qigong Mastery meditation and quantum multi-dimensional healing protocol which I developed and founded for the benefit of those students who wanted a spirit-body-mind technology that is integrated, well rounded, attainable, rewarding and has safe outcome. (For a healing journey of a lifetime, see Meditation and Qigong Workshop)

Immortal BodyIs it possible to attain an immortal body? A definite yes. However, you are the only one who can complete your whole body enlightenment and nobody else. All I or any healer/teacher can do is guide you, nevertheless, this most worthwhile work takes time and is its own reward because on a personal level it is the only thing you can take with you. You can't take your money or your reputation or your kids or your house or anything. You can only take your essence. And if you have not integrated it you can't even take the fragments of your essence with you at death. Until you integrate your essence into an immortal golden light body, you don’t even own yourself, you’re just a temporary composite of various spirits. Ultimately, once you have actualized your "energy body" and attained whole body enlightenment, your reincarnation cycle comes to an end.

Lastly, your Higher Self, your "soul body" or "energy body", in addition to ascension, whole body enlightenment and cosmic healing, can give you advice, protection, and guidance in your life. If you can, constantly feel its presence. Truth (Sheng Zhen) can only be known by EXPERIENCE, not by belief or thoughts.

"So the sage's governing methods are:
Emptying the mind, Vitalizing the stomach,
Softening the will, Strengthening the character."

            -- Tao Te Ching, Chapter 3:2


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