Chemotherapy, a scientific wasteland

Chemotherapy is an invasive and toxic treatment able supposedly to eliminate cancer cells. Unfortunately though, its ferocious chemistry is not able to differentiate between the cancerous cell or the healthy cell and surrounding healthy tissue. Put simply, chemotherapy is an intravenously administered poison that kills all living matter. Repeated chemotherapy and repeated radiation treatments kill […]

Cancer Book Update

Cancer is no longer a “death sentence” and can be cured naturally without the killing side-effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Hello to the readers of my book “The Cure & Cause of Cancer”: an alternative holistic approach to heal cancer. The main reasons for the updates: 1) I have included powerful herbs, ketogenic […]

Does Guyabano Cure Cancer?

When someone with a Peabody Award like Jessica Soho reports on it, the more reason do I give the report credence because, as a Filipino myself, I personally know this GMA International reporter. And no one is selling anything which makes a legitimate news report. GMA reported that Soursop or Guyabano (also known as the […]

Cure & Cause of Cancer is Within You

“Cancer is no longer a “death sentence” and can be cured naturally without the killing sideeffects of cytotoxic chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.” – Excerpts from Introduction, page 6, The Cure & Cause of Cancer The cure and cause of cancer is within you. The cause of cancer is a weakening of your immune system (Wei […]

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