A fake war on drugs in the Philippines

Statement of prosecutor Bensouda on her request to open an investigation

ICC finds ‘reasonable basis’ to believe crimes vs. humanity committed in Duterte’s drug war

They are not going after the drug lords but are after the poor drug addicts and critics. The drug lords are freed in jail under GCTA.

To get an introduction on the war on drugs in the Philippines, please visit Duterte’s fake drug war at In the war on drugs, truth is the first casualty and The real conflict is between truth and lies

According to Senator Antonio Trillanes, It’s a fake war on drugs. See Inquirer interview with Senator Trillanes and Totoong (True) Narcolist

The following breaking news (March 25, 2019 up to present) synopsis exposes President Duterte’s involvement in the drug trade in the Philippines with his association and drug links to Chinese drug lords, Michael Yang, Duterte’s economic adviser, and Allan Lim:

Philippines War on Drugs News

Relevant Old news from July and October 2018 – March 2019

ICC prosecutor: Initial inquiry continues despite Philippine withdrawal

PH exit won’t stop ICC probe of Duterte, says complainant

EJK is chief human rights concern in PHL — US

5,000 killed and 170,000 arrested in war on drugs: police

Duterte: Killings? I’ve killed many. i’m just beginning

No end to killings as long as Duterte is president: Alejano

Don’t be fooled twice, ex-President Aquino warns Filipinos

Fewer drug addicts? Thousands were killed without due process — Trillanes

Pagka lumaban, patayin mo’: Duterte tells people to rob, kill Catholic bishops

Human rights defenders also killed under Duterte administration

WATCH: Roque told people not to vote for ‘self-professed murderer’ Duterte

Philippines ‘a war zone in disguise’ says US NGO report

PHL human rights crisis deepened in 2018 under Duterte —HRW world report

De Lima: Be not afraid to speak against Duterte

Duterte under fire for saying he ‘touched’ maid

Duterte: No let-up in war on drugs despite cops’ conviction for Kian’s death

PHL-China MOU on oil, gas dev’t cooperation a ‘clear act of treason’ of Duterte —Sison

China Coast Guard shoos away Reporter’s Notebook team from Scarborough waters

‘Nalusutan lang’: Duterte defends ex-Customs chiefs Lapeña, Faeldon

Lapeña to TESDA, retired AFP chief Guerrero to Customs

Duterte’s media war in the Philippines

BOC Chief Lapeña, naniniwala nang may shabu ang nakalabas na mga magnetic lifter

PDEA: Illegal drugs that slipped past Customs now being sold in streets

‘I will certainly kill you,’ Duterte warns illegal drug importers

Vigilante says police aware of drug war killings in Tondo

Michael Yang is presidential economic adviser

Duterte is Assassinating Opponents Under the Cover of the Drug War, Philippine Rights Groups Say

An interview with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, August 9, 2018

INQ: In relation to the EJKs [extrajudicial killings] and the drug war, every country has a drug problem, perhaps it’s an issue in Manila, but it has never been an issue as in, say, Colombia or Mexico, where it threatens the very fabric of society. Now you have been implying that Duterte’s son is a key figure in drug smuggling in Davao …

SAT: And Duterte himself.

INQ: And Duterte himself. Do you have proof of that?

SAT: During the investigation, in relation to the seizure of P6.4 billion [worth of] shabu, the major players were all linked to Paolo Duterte [the president’s son]. Look at Mr. Duterte. For all his rhetoric on his war on drugs, his supposed personal crusade against illegal drugs, what did he do in this case? He didn’t even utter a single word. Worse, the prosecutor who dismissed the cases against these players was promoted to judge by Mr. Duterte. Right now, the only person who was charged in relation to this case was the warehouse guy. It’s a fake war on drugs.

And I agree that the drug problem in the Philippines is nowhere near the magnitude in Colombia and Mexico. The global average of the population exposed to illegal drugs is around 5%. In the Philippines it’s only 1.8%, and of that only .1% of the population are drug dependent. Most are occasional users, or marijuana users. So what Duterte did strikes a chord in the hearts of Filipinos, especially the parents. That’s why he created a demand for the brand of governance that he represented, because he didn’t know anything else, he couldn’t fashion himself as the guy who would turn around the economy and eradicate poverty. But the problem is, he was so good lying with a straight face that people bought into that.

Trillanes denies hand in video linking Paolo Duterte to illegal drugs:

Trillanes dared President Rodrigo Duterte to face the accusations.

“Mr. Duterte, the truth has finally come to haunt you. Nabibisto na ang mga pagpapanggap mo. Ikaw pala ang drug lord all along. Tsk tsk. Ang dami mong pinapatay na mga Pilipino para lang malinlang ang buong sambayanan. Pero, ngayon, harapin mo yan. Kahit bumula pa bibig mo sa galit, babalik at babalik yang issue na yan sa mukha mo,” Trillanes said.

“Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, the truth has finally come to haunt you. Your deception has finally been revealed. You are the drug lord all along. Tsk tsk. You ordered so many extrajudicial killing just to fool so many Filipinos. But now, you have to face the accusations. Even if your mouth bubbled up because of anger, the issue will haunt your face,” Trillanes said in English.

He recalled the time the President accused him of having offshore bank accounts, he confronted it squarely and “didn’t stop until I was able to debunk your lies” and the latter admitted that he just invented the accusations.


Kahit ano sasabihin ng testigo laban sa mga nakaupo sa takot na masaktan. Wala kaming ugnayan sa video at kay Bikoy. Kasinungalingan lahat ang mga paratang na yan. Gawa-gawa lang ng Administrasyon. Laging dinadamay ang LP sa mga ouster plot na gawa-gawa lang para pagtakpan ang mga palpak at kurakot sa Administrasyon. Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin mga drug lords at sindikato na nahuhuli o nakakukulong sa pagpuslit ng toneladang shabu sa BoC yan ang pinagtatakpan nila. Pekeng drug war. Yan ang dapat nilang habulin, hindi mga kritiko ng nakaupo o mga nasa oposisyon.

Kahit ang pagpatay kay Rizal aaminin ng testigo na yan sa takot sa maaring gawin ng Administrasyon sa kanya o sa mga mahal niya sa buhay.

Uulitin ko. Walang kinalaman ang LP sa Bikoy video. Kasinungalingan at gawa-gawa lamang ang mga paratang na ito.

Ano na naman kaya ang baho na tinatago ng Administrasyon kaya inilabas ang mga kasinungalingang ito? – Senator Kiko Pangilinan, May 22, 2019


I have titled this article a fake war on drugs’ because of president duterte’s involvement with his economic advisor michael yang who is drug lord, assassination of opponents, ‘Bikoy’ videos and also in concurrence and support to Senator Trillanes’ same conclusion after his August 2017 senate hearing with Duterte’s son Paolo Duterte regarding his involvement with the P 6.4 billion shabu seizure.

Drug war is just a guise to hide his desire to be a Marcos-like dictator. Wake up Filipinos before more EJKs happen and more Chinese drugs and drug lords enter the Philippines. God save the Philippines. Read Duterte threatens to declare revolutionary war, suspend writ of habeas corpus and Sison says Duterte already engaged in ‘de facto martial law nationwide’

Filipinos who despise or disagree with Duterte’s pro-China stance and his brutal style of governance, but who cannot vent their frustration on him, may just take it out instead on his candidates, especially those running for the Senate. Read China issues could hurt Duterte’s candidates and Initial ‘Tokhang’ files show ‘template nanlaban’ cases: lawyers’ group

Do you want the Philippines to be a narcostate similar to Mexico and Colombia where Chinese, Mexican drug lords and illegal drugs abound? If you don’t want fear and EJKs, then don’t vote for Duterte’s senatorial candidates. Who wants to be fooled twice and be associated with his misleading misbehaviour cohorts and Duterte’s pro-China stance with his brutal extrajudicial killings?

DISCLAIMER: This article is my opinion and was published to expose President’s involvement in the drug trade, and as a patriotic law-abiding Filipino-Canadian I’m educating the Filipinos to awaken them about the tyranny of Duterte’s regime and very importantly use discernment that their votes count by not voting for Duterte’s candidates (because majority wins) in the May 13, 2019 election.

God helps people who help themselves. The future of our beloved democratic country is in your hands. Vote wisely!

May 13, 2019 Election Results:

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