Take refuge in the Higher Self

Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality

“Take refuge in me (our inner consciousness) alone.” – Lord Krishna

– Excerpts from What is the Self? page 15, Oneness with Shiva

In each person, there is a divine essence or a divine spark. In Buddhism, there is a Buddha in each person. In Christian religion, there is a Christ in each person. In Hinduism, there is a Shiva or a Krishna in each person.

Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality

“Another term for Universal consciousness is Buddhic consciousness, Christ consciousness or Krishna consciousness. This state of being manifests as a person feels oneness with all, oneness with the Creator. This is the state of feeling Loving-Kindness for all.”

– Excerpts from How to Conquer Death Now, page 49, Oneness with Shiva

The following teachings from Kashmir Shaivism also sheds light on the necessity of the practice of Shakti meditation to help people find peace, love, happiness from within themselves rather than focus their dependency from outside.

The sages and saints have said that to end suffering and attain happiness, one must have knowledge of the Self, which is the true source of joy. “Knowledge is the supreme state.” The bliss of the Self is attained only through knowledge. In the Bhagavad Gita the Lord says, “In the world, there is nothing as pure as knowledge.”

God exists in one’s feeling.” There is great power in a person’s feeling. Through it he can make God manifest. Because his feeling is the result of his understanding, right understanding is the source of all attainments, mundane as well as spiritual. “The supreme state comes only from knowledge.” Through knowlege a wise person turns poison into nectar: Mirabai drank poison, considering it God’s nectar, and was unaffected by it. But through his non-awareness, an ignorant person turns nectar into poison. The truth is that there is neither nectar nor poison in poison. Everything depends on one’s attitude and understanding. For a person who has the supreme knowledge of God’s all-pervasiveness, even a dark forest is a celestial garden and even a prison is a wide-open space. But for one who does not know his own Self, who does not regard others as himself, even a celestial garden is like a prison.

That is why it does not matter where you are or where you live, but rather who you are and what your inner state happens to be. The problem lies in your ignorance of your own essential nature. You will gain nothing by changing your country, town, or home; since you take your own destiny with you, you will only be welcoming pain again. It is very good to want freedom, but instead of looking for it in the wrong place, you must discover where it really dwells. The difference between a spiritual being and a politician is this: The politician says, “Bondage is external–break it and then you will obtain the joy of freedom.” But the knower of the Truth says, “O my friend, bondage is not outside, but within you.” No matter how much you try to break your outer fetters, your bondage will only increase. Therefore, you must go where there is supreme freedom – to the inner Self in the heart.

You are entirely responsible for your own state of dependency; in fact, you have become addicted to it. Because you think that the elixir of love is found in dependency, you have made it the abode of your love, and if you were ever to tear down the wall of dependency, you would only build another one somewhere else. However, you must free yourself in every way. Lord Buddha said again and again, “You can certainly come to me, but do not become bound by me.” In the same way, when people ask me, “Is it alright to meditate on you?” I tell them, “Meditate on your own Self.” Although it is difficult, you must escape from the prison of the non-Self. Who is a Hindu? Who is a Jain, a Buddhist, a Sufi, or a Christian? If you are imprisoned in one of these false identities, how can you find freedom of the self? That is why Lord Khrisna said, “Give up all religions and take refuge in me (our inner consciousness) alone.” Discard all false identification with religion. Go to the inner Self for shelter and revel there.

Our undisciplined mind is where it all starts. All the negative conditioning or programming from childhood and past lives have to be cleansed through the practice of meditation before the full brilliance of the light of consciousness within can shine forth. Pride, arrogance, hate, fear, anger, lust, greed, addictions, compulsions, inhibitions, and other negative thieves of the heart have to be purged out of the energy body through the universal energy (Qi) of love of meditation before self-realization can take place.

Remember that as long as your clogged mind has not been cleaned out, as long as your vessel has not been emptied and washed, you will not be able to fill it with God’s nectar, nor will you be able to digest that nectar. It is important that your vessel be empty and completely purified in the fire of meditation and knowledge.

The following benefits of Shakti meditation are expounded by the great meditation masters which will give students of meditation a reason, a goal and a vision to strive for.

As the divine sage Narada (Bhakti Yogi) said: “After attaining love, a person has no desire for anything else.” A being who has found the inner love neither suffers nor becomes excited over trivial matters. He neither hates nor becomes attached to anything. Why should he become trapped in delusive dramas when he holds the source of the world, the center of bliss, in his hand? Why should he take interest in the wrong path? Why should he criticize any religion, sect, or person?

Jnaneshwar Maharaj wrote, “One tastes and attains this elixir by stealing it from the senses.” When the senses become free from all outer contacts, for the first time in one’s life one experiences the inner sensation of joy that lies at the core of one’s being. When one sees and hears one’s Self, one touches that inner love. When one tastes one’s own Self, one experiences satchidananda (being, consciousness and bliss). Whoever has tasted this sublime elixir has tasted the mystery of life and the essence of the entire world.

The divine sage Narada, author of Bhakti sutras (Yoga of Love), said, “Knowing this, the devotee becomes intoxicated and still, reveling in the Self.” By attaining and experiencing the nectar of the Self, which is supreme love, one becomes ecstatic. One who is completely established in the Self becomes utterly quiet and serene; he becomes the Self. When the love of God, the ambrosia of the Self, is revealed, one finally attains the Truth and begins to dance like a madman. The intoxication that arises from the love of the divine Self is overwhelming. I often say, “Why do you use marijuana, opium, and cocaine? If you want real intoxication, drink the elixir of the Self. That will take you higher and higher; you will never come down from it.”

When a flowing river merges into the ocean, it becomes the ocean and so takes on the ocean’s delight. The ocean of the Self is complete in itself. Intoxicated with love, it billows ceaselessly with its own joy. A person who is immersed in the Self becomes drunk with love. Sometimes he is lost in a state of overwhelming bliss. At other times , he is engrossed in discussing the self. Narada said, “The love of the inner Self is nectarian by nature.” That inner love is not far from us; since its source lies within us it is not, and cannot be concealed. We ourselves have obscured it. Our blindness makes us think that it is hidden, but it is manifest within us.

Ultimately, a true living spiritual teacher is very much a must to seek and have because without one meditation would be unfruitful, unsafe, unprogressive, and a waste of time. The following statements will help you realize the importance of having a true Siddha Guru [whose teachings are energy (Qi, prana, shakti) based with a true lineage of Siddha (enlightened) masters] in your path to freedom.

Therefore, before you set out on a pilgrimage to the infinite, reflect upon your undertaking with great care. If you go alone, your journey will be confined to the realm of the mind. If you want to go beyond the mind, you will need a companion who has himself transcended the mind and can therefore take you by the hand and lead you on a journey. A small child needs a wise person to give him self-confidence and a helping hand, someone to kindle faith in his heart so that he can eventually stand up and walk straight on the path. Similarly, a seeker of Truth needs a strong hand and a firm support. Kabir wrote: Think this over and understand it. The path is very narrow and precarious; it is so subtle that you need the Guru’s help to discern it. Jesus also said, “Straight is the way and narrow is the path.” Its subtlety is such that it is beyond your experience and understanding. When this is the case, how can you walk on it? You cannot find the path by clever thinking; thoughts are not sufficiently subtle. As long as you do not give up your mental cleverness, as long as your thought-waves do not subside, you will neither experience nor recognize the bliss of That. This is why Kabir said that one needs the Guru’s help in order to find the way.

When the kingdom of fantasies collapses, only the Guru remains as the support of all. In one of his poems, Sunderdas wrote, “the Guru has revealed the perfect Brahman, who alone is all-pervasive. To whom can you be attached? Whatever exists is That. The root of everything pervades everything. All the thoughts and doubts of the mind have been obliterated. Through the contemplation of That, the Guru has firmly established me in the Truth. He has washed away all my filth and made me pure. When I meditate on my Guru, my heart is filled with ecstasy.”

Let me quote from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s book Kindle My Heart, “Once a commuter who wanted to catch the ferry arrived too late at the dock. Dashing to the end of the pier and leaping across the water, he just made it onto the boat.

“Why didn’t you wait?” asked the deckhand. “We were just pulling into the ship!”

This is a good metaphor for our human life. We work so hard: we always want to feel we have done something. Particularly if you live in Manhattan — although the red lights always turn green, and the green lights always turn red — somehow, just before the lights turn, we always make a mad dash. “Ah! I just made it!”

We try to use the same strategy, to take the same shortcuts, on the spiritual path. And through the merits of many, many lifetimes, we might succeed, but this happens very rarely. There is no reason for all that urgency. The scriptures say there must be longing for the experience, then you need a Master, or a guide to show you the path.”

Master Choa Kok Sui said in one of his Arhatic yoga workshops, “A Guru is like a cable car that will speed us to our destination.

– Excerpts from Return to Oneness with Shiva

Descent of Holy Spirit (Pentecostal Fire) shows descent of Christ consciousness among disciples.

– Excerpts from Yuan Shen, page 131, Oneness with Shiva

There are many names for the invisible auric field that surrounds the physical body in various mystical traditions such as torus, Lightbody, Electromagnetic Field (EMF), energy bubble, Merkaba or aura.

– Excerpts from Wei Qi Field in Qigong, page 62, Oneness with Shiva

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