Forms of Qi created in the body

“Qigong is the interchange of Qi between man and the universe.”
– Master Li Jun Feng

This article will elaborate on the various healing forms of Qi created within the body according to Qigong and Chinese medicine from the Taoism point of view.

Qi is life-force that animates the forms of the world. It is the vibratory nature of life phenomena – the flow that is happening continuously at molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels. In Japan it is called “ki,” and in India, “prana” or “shakti.” The ancient Egyptians referred to it as “ka,” and the ancient Greeks as “pneuma.” For Native Americans it is the “Great Spirit” and for Christians, the “Holy Spirit.” In Africa it’s known as “ashe” and in Hawaii as “ha” or “mana.” Wilhelm Reich called it as orgone, negative ions or negative entropy.

The fundamental insight of Qigong and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine) is that balanced and free-flowing Qi results in health; while stagnant or imbalanced Qi leads to disease.

Qigong and Inner Alchemy practitioners understand their bodies to be the meeting-place of Heaven and Earth, and actualize this by working with Heaven Qi and Earth Qi – drawing Heaven Qi down from above, and Earth Qi up from below through the five energy gateways – the entry points of Qi through the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the crown . Also commonly used in Qigong practice is the Qi of mountains, lakes, rivers and trees. Even when we’re not consciously doing Qigong practices, with every breath we take, we absorb Heaven Qi, and through the food we eat, we absorb Earth Qi.

How Are The Major Forms Of Qi Created Within The Body?

According to Chinese Medicine, the energy used to sustain our bodies is of two major types: (1) Congenital (or Prenatal) Qi, and (2) Acquired (or Postnatal) Qi. Congenital Qi is the Qi we were born with – the energy/intelligence that we inherited from our parents, and that is associated with DNA and RNA codes (our “karma” from previous lives). Congenital Qi includes both Jing/Essence and Yuan Qi (Original Qi), and is stored in the Kidneys. Acquired Qi, on the other hand, is the Qi that we generate within our lifetime from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and Qigong practice, and is associated primarily with the Lung and Spleen Organ-Systems. If our eating and breathing patterns are intelligent, and our Qigong practice strong, we can generate a surplus of Acquired Qi, which can then be used to supplement our Congenital Qi.

Included within the category of Acquired (Postnatal) Qi are: (1) Gu Qi – the essence of the food we eat; (2) Kong Qi – the energy of the air that we breathe; (3) Zong Qi (also called Pectoral Qi or Gathering Qi) – which is the combination of Gu Qi and Kong Qi; and (4) Zheng Qi (also called True Qi) – which includes both Ying Qi (also called Nutritive Qi), which is the Qi that flows through the meridians, and Wei Qi (also called Defensive Qi). The terminology is complex, but basically what is being described is the process by which the food that we eat and the air that we breathe are metabolized internally, to produce the Qi that flows through the meridians, and the Qi that flows outside of the meridians as protection.

It works something like this: The food that we eat is processed by the Spleen/Stomach Organ-System to produce Gu Qi. The air that we breathe is processed by the Lung Organ-System to produce Kong Qi. The essence of the food (Gu Qi) is sent up to the chest where it mixes with the essence of the air (Kong Qi) to produce Zong Qi. In terms of western physiology, this is the rough equivalent to the oxygenation of the blood that happens in the lungs. Supported by Yuan Qi (Congenital Qi, stored in the Kidneys), Zong Qi is then transformed into Zheng Qi (True Qi), which in its yin aspect becomes Ying Qi (what flows through the meridians) and in its yang aspect becomes Wei Qi (which protects us from external pathogens).

Excerpts from Oneness with Shiva book by Acharya Ricardo B Serrano.

Reference: Qi: Various Forms used in Qigong and Chinese medicine

Books for Healing and Returning to Oneness

Therefore, the high quality Zong Qi from the food (Gu Qi) we eat and from the air (Kong Qi) we breathe from nature supplement the Yuan Qi, balance, unblock and cleanse the Ying Qi in the meridians, and develop the energy bubble or Wei Qi field of Qigong practitioners which is necessary for healing and returning to oneness with the Higher Self.

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