Pantheism is All is God

Joy of samadhi “These books offer keys to your healing – are the non-sectarian how-to-techniques that have been personally practiced and developed for 30 years by the author, Ricardo B Serrano, and have been tested in clinical setting by him, his clients, and other Taoist, Buddhist and Yoga meditation and Qigong practitioners of every pantheistic […]

Joy of samadhi is bliss for the universe

“The supreme state, which may be attained on some paths after extreme hardship, can be attained without great difficulty on the Siddha path.” – Yogashikha Upanishad 1.3 Ricardo B Serrano’s and his Pan Gu Shengong teacher’s joy of samadhi When Force (Qi) awakens, it is seen in the eyes. With the practice of enlightenment Qigong […]

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